Chris Johnson: Money didn't change me

NEW ORLEANS -- Shortly after the new league year starts, $9 million of Chris Johnson’s $10 million base salary locks in as guaranteed.

Indications at the end of the season were the team planned to follow through with that guarantee.

But Johnson told my colleagues and I on Nashville's The Midday 180 on 104.5 The Zone taht he still won’t be surprised if the team decides to pull out of the contract and there would be no bad blood as a result.

Johnson was pretty candid for Johnson in our chat.

Among other topics we covered:

  • He said money of the big new contract he signed before the 2011 season didn’t change him and that additional guaranteed money won’t, either.

  • Johnson building a new relationship with a fifth position coach, Sylvester Croom, when the Titans reassemble.

  • His realistic view that the Titans are “not close” to the playoffs.