New logo forthcoming for Jaguars

A new logo is on the horizon for the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Per John Oehser of the team's website: "Jaguars Owner Shad Khan on Friday confirmed the team will have a new logo and/or design, with the new appearance 'rolled out (on) the NFL’s schedule.' Khan added, 'It’s going to be great.' Stay tuned." (Hat tip to Alfie Crow from Big Cat Country.)

How soon will we be replacing the logo to the right?

Oehser had several other nuggets of interest in a piece today, some gleaned from the Florida Times-Union and 1010XL.

MJD: GM David Caldwell indicated that the final year of Maurice Jones-Drew's contract is not going to be an issue until late in 2013.

“We’ll address that toward the end of the season,” he said.

Leo: Jason Babin may be asked to play the Leo spot in Gus Bradley's defense. Oehser said the spot can be viewed as "a hybrid defensive end who can play linebacker in a 4-3 the way an outside backer would usually play in a 3-4."

Babin was drafted by Houston as a 3-4 outside backer and completely busted until he was used as a speed rushing 4-3 end in other places. There is plenty of time to see, but I'm not fired up by the idea of anything that gives Babin a role that does anything to move him away from what's worked, particularly in Philly and Tennessee.

A few more hires: The two largest remaining hires from Bradley's staff -- running backs and tight ends -- could be coming by week's end.

A sellout: The Jaguars’ game against the San Francisco 49ers at Wembley Stadium in London on Oct. 27 is sold out, Khan told the Florida Times-Union.

Good news so early, though the star power obviously comes more from the "visitors" than from the home team, and Jacksonville will miss a chance to see the NFC Champions come to Jacksonville.

Roster review: Caldwell said is Marcedes Lewis very good and tabbed Eugene Monroe part of the offense's core before saying the offensive line "has a chance to be solid."

Is that before or after the draft?

Don't expect a lot of free-agent noise: “We have to focus on really putting a team together through the draft and then filling a hole or two with free agents,” Khan said. “That is the winning model."

While Caldwell suggested there won't be the degree of turnover many expect, he can't fix this roster with one draft class. So this is partially a request for patience, I believe.