RTC: Don't overrate Colts' SOS

Reading the coverage ...

Ranking every roster in the league with Evan Silva of Rotoworld. The AFC’s second-best team comes in at 19th.

Houston Texans

Joe Flacco isn’t that much better than Matt Schaub, but the gap is growing, says Randy Harvey of the Houston Chronicle. Dale Robertson takes the other side and argues while Flacco is a better vertical passer, there really isn’t a lot of difference between he and Schaub.

To which I say: They have similar personalities, but not similar games. Right now you’d be crazy to take Schaub over Flacco as your quarterback.

An early look at the 2013 Texans roster, from Patrick D. Starr of State of the Texans.

Indianapolis Colts

Based on 2012 records, the Colts' 2013 strength of schedule looks very favorable, says Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star.

To which I say: The thing is that a lot of teams make dramatic swings from bad to good or good to bad in one year, so strength of schedule can mislead. Drawing the Colts last year looked like an easy game, until they won 11 and went to the playoffs.

Says Phil Richards of the Indianapolis Star: “The Ravens have now won two Super Bowls, one more than the Baltimore Colts ever did. And one more than the Indianapolis Colts, too. And the Ravens did it in just 17 years.”

Adding a running back or two will be vital for Pep Hamilton to be able to run his offense, says Stew Blake of Stampede Blue.

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jaguars have a new look and a new vision, says Vito Stellino of the Florida Times-Union.

To which I say: I went on record via Twitter Tuesday. I like the new logo.

A Jacksonville advertising company creative director likes what the Jaguars have done with their new logo, says Matt Soergel of the Times-Union.

See the old logo and the new logo side by side, courtesy of Alfie Crow at Big Cat Country.

Duke tight ends coach and special teams coordinator Ron Middleton is leaving to join the Jaguars, who have an open tight ends coach job, says the Florida Times-Union.

The Jaguars are pushing to increase local revenue, says Ashley Gurbal Kritzer of the Jacksonville Business Journal.

Tennessee Titans

“The Titans need to get league-average quarterback play from Jake Locker, improve the pass defense and vastly improve their special teams,” says Nate Dunlevy of Bleacher Report. “If they do, it should mean an instant bump in wins up to the nine or 10 range.”

To which I say: I talked about a bump up to average for Blaine Gabbert in Jacksonville before the 2012 season. Easier said than done.

A Q&A with general manager Ruston Webster from David Boclair of the Nashville City Paper.

Tom Gower of Total Titans assesses the team at quarterback.