Titans' new RB coach Croom talks CJ

When season’s end for the Jacksonville Jaguars arrived in 2012, Sylvester Croom had room for 10 guys in his meeting room.

He added and added seats during an injury-plagued season in which the Jaguars started six different running backs because of injuries.

As he set up his room at Titans headquarters in Nashville, Tenn., where he’s the new running backs coach, he said he made room for eight and hopes he won’t need it all.

In an interview Monday afternoon in Nashville on 104.5 The Zone (disclaimer: it was on my show), Croom hit on two of the big questions pertaining to Chris Johnson and the Titans' run game: How Johnson can be more consistent and the team’s desire to share some of his carries with a second back.

“I truly believe if you’re serious about running the football, you’ve got to have two guys actually both able to carry the load during the season,” Croom said. “... If you’re going to really run, I’m talking 30-plus times a game, there aren’t many that can do that for 16 games anymore, their bodies can’t take it.”

That’s not to diminish Johnson’s role, Croom said. They still want to feature the explosive guy who can score any time he touches the ball from a handoff or a catch. But the Titans do want to have a second guy who can do other things in a different kind of role with a different style that can help the team in certain situations.

When the Titans get into the phase of the offseason where Johnson can sit down with Croom to talk about Tennessee’s running game, CJ’s new position coach will look to listen first.

“I want to see what he thinks, where he thinks he needs to improve,” Croom said. “I have an idea. But once he recognizes [things] it makes it a lot easier for him and for me to help him. I don’t think there is a lot to be done.”

Hear the interview here by clicking on Midday 180. Croom’s name will be on the top of the list.