Chat wrap: Evaluate the film

You put together a very solid chat effort on Thursday. I applaud your work.

A sampling:

Shaun (TN): When do teams have to slap on the Franchise tag and who do you think will get it from each team?

Paul Kuharsky: Not sure the deadline -- but free agency starts March 12, so it's by then. Houston could use it on Glover Quin, Tennessee on Jared Cook, Indy on Pat McAfee. Not sure there is a real candidate in Jacksonville.

Danny (Gainesville, FL): So I understand that the Jags won't reach for a QB at #2 and I agree with that decision but are we really going to try make it work with Gabbert? As a fan, I can live with a rebuilding year but this "he's our guy" talk has got me worried I'm in for another Leftwich type situation where we build around a guy who just isn't that good.

Paul Kuharsky: When they say "he's our guy," translate it in your head to "he's our guy for now, we hope he surprises, but we'll be ready to move on in a year." Better?

Joe (Office): Do you wash Nashville on ABC?

Paul Kuharsky: Not only to I watch it, I LOVE it.

Anderson (New Haven): I may be thinking far ahead, but considering the amount of young and great talent Indy has, along with the 44 million in cap room they have, should they be very conservative in free agency to extend the contracts of Allen, Fleener, Freeman, Davis, an the obvious Luck in the future?

Paul Kuharsky: You can't extend any of the drafted guy any time soon, by rule. Have to play three years of your rookie deal to get to renegotiate. They have exclusive rights to Freeman for another three years too. It's an absolute non-factor in what they do now.

Kyle (Irvine, CA): I see some early mocks saying Houston should draft a DB. Yes, the secondary had problems, but I don't see a rookie being better than Quin (assuming he's re-signed), Manning, Joseph, or Jackson, and a 1st-rounder seems like overkill for a presumptive nickel corner. If Quin stays, are there any circumstances where you'd take a DB in the first round?

Paul Kuharsky: I agree. They need better depth. A third safety upgrade. But it's not a priority and it's certainly not a first-round place they need to go, providing they retain Quin.

Doug (Medcalf): Any chance the Colts go WR in the first round? They need to find a new #1

Paul Kuharsky: Possible, not probable. Lots of other needs for now, rather than later: CB, OL, SS, OLB.

If that doesn't whet your appetite, schedule a doctor's appointment.

Rather than that, I hope you'll head here for more.