RTC: The logistics of the scouting combine

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The five kinds of people we're certain to meet out of the scouting combine, from Mike Tanier of Sports on Earth.

Houston Texans

Reviewing the tight ends and their play in the 2012 season with Nick Scurfield of HoustonTexans.com.

Indianapolis Colts

Mother Nature poses challenges to the organizers of the scouting combine in Indianapolis when it comes to getting over 300 prospects in and out of town, writes Mike Chappell of the Indianapolis Star.

Jacksonville Jaguars

For GM David Caldwell, the most important part of the combine can be a prospect’s chance to answer questions about red flags, says John Oehser of the Jaguars' website.

Tennessee Titans

New linebackers coach Chet Parlavecchio talked about better tackling with titansonline.com. “To be a better tackling football team, we’ve got to understand about time and space, playing in space, keeping our bodies under control, keeping the proper leverage and pad level, staying on the near hip, all the little things that lead you to that moment of making the tackle. It’s body position, knee bend, acceleration of your hips, bringing our feet. You can see how many little things lead up to that moment of making that tackle.”