Grigson prefers rookie CBs to rookie OLs

INDIANAPOLIS -- It’ll be tempting for all of us to read too much into this, but Ryan Grigson did offer more than I expected on the subject.

And since the combine is largely about gather nuggets we think can help us predict what will unfold in the draft …

I asked Grigson: Without knowing the guy, if you were forced to choose to play a first-year offensive lineman or a first-year defensive back, which would you rather put on the field?

Said Grigson:

“I would have to say a DB. Because a first-year offensive lineman, there are a lot more bullets flying in that vicinity he’s working in that involves thinking, that involved experience. That’s why for rookie tackles, they call it a baptism by fire. You don’t say that because it’s an easy process. A lot of times that ends up working in their favor, that they were thrown out there like that.

"But a lot of times depending on the scheme you play, corners that play on an island they are relying on technique and pure athletic ability and God-given ability. A lot of times on the offensive line, their first year they are going to see exotic blitzes that they’ve never even dreamed of. They are going to see pass-rushers and body types that they never knew existed. I would say definitely corner.”

The offensive line and cornerback clearly rate as two of the biggest needs for Grigson and the Colts. And he’s got more than $40 million in salary cap space to fiddle with in free agency.

That response might not translate to a free agent lineman and a drafted cornerback, but it certainly seems like if Grigson could have things unfold the way he’d like, it would fall that way.