Players react to proposed new calendar

INDIANAPOLIS -- The NFLPA seems unlikely to grab on to the NFL’s most recent trial balloon.

Adam Schefter reported the NFL would like to shift the offseason calendar: Pushing the combine into March, free agency into April, and the draft into May.

The plan would help the league take more ownership of the sports landscape in the offseason.

But it would mean free agents would have to wait on millions of dollars in signing bonuses, and it’s hard to imagine the union agreeing to that.

I did a quick survey of some players from the AFC South this morning.

Here are their thoughts on the idea.

Jerraud Powers, Colts cornerback and pending free agent: "I don’t like what the league would be trying to do. I’m a strong believer if it’s not broke, don’t fix it. If anything, I think they should push everything up so teams can have plenty of time to prepare for the next season with everything in place."

Duane Brown, Texans left tackle: “I think that would be good and bad for the incoming guys. More time to prepare after their final game, but also less time to make the transition to their new teams after the draft. I think it would be best to keep it the way it is.”

Uche Nwaneri, Jaguars right guard: “I think it will allow young players who are recovering from injuries a bit more time to prepare for the combine. I'm guessing it will benefit the fans more than anything, it will streamline the NFL offseason and keep football on the minds of fans with no interruptions. … Shorter amount of time to acclimate to new teams and new cities would not bode well for FAs. I can see that FAs will be sitting in limbo for four months, gives teams a bit more leverage especially leading into OTAs and minicamp. Guys will have to make quick decisions as to who to sign with. Never good to rush a decision.”

Will Witherspoon, Titans linebacker, pending free agent: “I think it could be a good thing, especially for guys going back to school.”