How Grigson keeps a 'buzz guys' list

Ryan Grigson didn’t scout in 2012 the way he scouted in 2011.

Two years ago he was director of player personnel for Philadelphia, where scouting was still his primary job. Last year he had a bigger job as the first-year general manager of the Colts, and with his head coach missing 12 games while he battled leukemia, Grigson wasn’t on the road as much as he might have planned.

So during the combine he was at a different stage of learning about prospects.

In meetings before the combine, the team set its initial draft board.

“That gave me a better picture because I didn't get to look at 350 guys like I did last year before I came in,” he said. “I don't have that catalog or reference point. I'm grinding in that respect. I told Jim Irsay this [recently]: The picture is a little murky, but every day it gets a little bit clearer with more information. The more film I get, the more passionate pleas I get from my scouts about players -- watch this guy, watch that guy.

“A lot of times I follow this path of passion. We're sitting in meetings and you're in the doldrums for an hour and everyone is just waiting for the next coffee break. It's like somebody all of a sudden perks up. The whole room perks up when a name gets brought up. I make a note of that. I actually had one of our interns make a list, it's called ‘buzz guys.’ When we're

in the room and you go through 10 guys and no one says a word, then all of a sudden everybody is ready to have a real strong opinion of someone. I follow that.

“If someone moves the needle in terms of talent or first impression, I think that goes a long way. It goes a long way with me, anyway.”

How cool would it be to see the buzz guys list?

Intern, if you’re reading, I promise I won’t share it with anyone.