Jaguars not worried about Luck or Watt, yet

The Jaguars are looking to climb out of the bottom of the AFC South.

In so doing, they will have to contend with a couple guys who figure to be division staples and cause constant headaches in two annual matchups: Colts quarterback Andrew Luck and Texans defensive lineman J.J. Watt are the two biggest.

It’s a division where, for a long time, teams built in ways they thought would give them the best chance to beat Peyton Manning and the Colts. Running backs who could help teams win time of possession and play keep-away and corners who gave teams a chance to defend passes to Marvin Harrison and Reggie Wayne were popular picks and acquisitions.

Will the new Jaguars regime be conscious of what it believes it will take to succeed against Luck and Watt as it puts its roster together?

“Without a doubt, you look at your division because that's first and foremost,” Gus Bradley said at the combine. “But we have tried not to get into too much of that.

“We're really concentrating on what we need to do. It's probably an overused cliché -- we do what we do, we're worried about us. But we're really trying to emphasize that. Our whole perspective is to get better. Practice is everything to our organization; competition is vital.”

The Jaguars worrying about the Jaguars is the practical approach. And given their level of need across the roster, it’s probably too early to get too specific.

But to be a long-term success, Jacksonville is going to have to get past teams like the Colts and Texans. In order to do so, it certainly has to factor how to limit Luck and how to slow Watt into the equation.

It’d be great, too, if Jacksonville found a blue-chip player that the Colts and Texans would have to worry about in similar fashion.