Matt Schaub: Pocket passers are safe

Matt Schaub rolls out a lot in the Houston Texans offense. He’s mobile enough to do that, but hardly qualifies as a mobile quarterback. And unsurprisingly he’s a proponent of the pocket passer concept.

On the evolution of NFL quarterbacks and the read-option:

“In this league, it comes down to being able to stand in the pocket and make the throws and be able to take a hit in the pocket. You see certain talents coming out now — the RG3s, Russell Wilson — certain guys and certain types. Colin Kaepernick finished the season extremely well — these type of players that can do a little bit of everything and do it well. It comes down to being a great decision-maker, and making those throws, being accurate, because you can’t substitute for those things. But you can see things happening, but offenses have to develop as well, whether there’s the blocking schemes and being able to run things of that nature and have the running backs for it. A lot goes into it just more than the quarterback’s skills. But you see things evolving and things changing but I think it’ll be hard to ever fully replace a pocket passer.”

I agree entirely.

Aaron Rodgers currently offers as good a combination as there is, I believe. He is comfortable and effective in the pocket, shifts around as needed, is great when he takes off and doesn’t put himself in harm’s way too often.

There was a lot of talk at the scouting combine about how defenses will adjust to read-option stuff. I think the best defensive minds in the game think they will have it figured out to a much better degree in 2013.

Whether they do or don't, I don't believe the pocket passer is in any sort of danger of extinction.