Second guess: Griffin's tag and contract

Safety Michael Griffin’s played his best for the Titans when surrounded by quality talent.

New veteran strong safety George Wilson should help maximize Griffin’s chances to improve his play in 2013. Griffin should also benefit from expected upgrades in the pass rush.

I’m very curious as to how new senior defensive assistant Gregg Williams will assess Griffin and what Williams can do to spark better play out of him.

Today is the one-year anniversary of the Titans’ decision to franchise Griffin. That tag was worth $6.2 million.

I understood the rationale for keeping Griffin under the one-year deal. It was the team’s June decision to give him a five-year contract worth $35 million, including $15 million guaranteed, that was the baffler.

What if the Titans had not jumped to make that move?

They’d have an additional $6.3 million in cap space available now. And they’d be in position to chase a top free agent like Dashon Goldson from San Francisco, William Moore from Atlanta or Kenny Phillips of the New York Giants.

The Titans rolled the dice on a long-term deal with Griffin. They liked that he committed to being around after he was tagged instead of choosing to stay away. They didn’t see a lot of great alternatives on the horizon for the position.

Now there is a solid free-agent class and it’s a draft strength. So it’s awfully easy to say they should have let Griffin play a prove-it season in 2012 because they'd now be in position to make a decision instead of being in position to potentially regret one already made.