On Jake Locker and the accuracy issue

Jake Locker suffered as a result of poor protection and drops during his 11 starts in his second NFL season.

But the Titans quarterback’s struggles with accuracy extended well beyond that. Go ahead and boost his completion percentage of 56.4 percent by a couple points to account for drops. Completion percentage isn't a tell all, and here’s the fact if you watched him play: He misses his target too often.

Locker spent time at 104.5 The Zone in Nashville Wednesday morning (disclosure: I’m on the station) and once again deflected the accuracy question as he has since the day the Titans spent the eighth pick in the 2011 draft on him.

Does he think accuracy is an issue?

“I don’t,” he said. “I never have. At the end of the day, wins and losses is what I think everybody cares about and obviously we didn’t get that done either. But I think for me there’s situations I think when I had guys around me, sometimes I just need to become a little more comfortable with a little bit of noise in front of me and that’s things that I will work on this offseason.

“But I don’t think that’s a problem, and I think just continue to work and get better and who knows if that number will go up? I hope the wins ... go up.”

He was less defensive on the issue than he’s been in the past. But I think it’s a mistake for him, or the Titans, to judge it a non-issue. He’s not accurate enough consistently enough, and it’s something that needs to improve no matter the drops, the protection or whatever other factors might contribute.

If the judgment is he’s accurate enough, the standard is not high enough.

I wanted a dose of outside perspective to help make sure I wasn’t being overly harsh, so I asked Matt Williamson of Scouts Inc. to assess Locker’s accuracy.

“It is terrible and doesn’t seem to be improving,” Williamson said. “All the ability in the world, but it is seldom that QBs become more accurate at the NFL level.”

Listen to the whole interview here, by heading to “The Wake Up Zone” in the categories at the top, then looking for the Locker interview in the second window.