Chat replay: The Colts' chance to improve

Good chat Thursday. Brisk pace. Nice tone.

A sampling:

Tyler Riggs (Oklahoma): Which team can make the biggest improvement this off-season?

Paul Kuharsky: Well, the Colts have key pieces to build around and a lot of money. In the AFC South, they've got as much potential to add good pieces and get better as anyone.

Texas [via mobile]: Should the texans sign Eric Winston?

Paul Kuharsky: I'd like to see it. But he'd have to be a minimum salary guy for it even to be possible, and he'll do better than that, I expect.

Ben (Nashville): What position is the most glaring need for the Titans and which one do you think they will try and address in the first round of the draft?

Paul Kuharsky: Guard is the biggest need. With pass-rusher close second. I think they will sign a guard in free agency and draft one in the first two rounds.

Chet (LA): If the Jags could get a 3rd rounder for MJD, do you think they would take it? I feel like they need to trade him while they can. Do you anticipate that MJD will be the starting RB for the Jags at the beginning of the season?

Paul Kuharsky: I'd take it. I don't think they'd get it. I do expect he starts on opening day for them.


I know you want more. So here's a transcript for you to comb over. Like I'd do if I had enough hair. Enjoy.