Freeney joining Pats would sting Colts fans

Watching a Hall of Fame-caliber guy leave your team is tough, even if he’s near the end.

Watching him go to an archrival comes with extra sting.

Dwight Freeney's first free-agent visit will be to New England.

Surely the idea of watching him chase Andrew Luck after years of pursuing Tom Brady is hard for any Colts die-hard to grasp.

We’ve seen cross-pollination between two of the AFC’s best teams over the past decade. Kicker Adam Vinatieri was a huge part of three Super Bowl wins for the Patriots. He jumped to Indianapolis in 2006 and promptly helped secure another Lombardi Trophy.

On a less notable level, the Colts just signed New England free agent guard Donald Thomas.

Colts faithful can’t be upset with Freeney if he lands with New England. Indianapolis didn’t want him any longer, and he’s allowed to find work wherever he can.

Denver has been mentioned as another potential destination. While watching Freeney and Peyton Manning each wearing orange would surely annoy a lot of people in Indiana, I suspect seeing Freeney with the Patriots would hurt more.