Maybe this FB will be good thing for Texans

My contempt for fullbacks is well-known.

It’s a passing league, and I’ve got little time for a niche lead blockers. I want five guys on the field at the five eligible positions who are threatening to a defense.

That’s why, if you are determined to use a fullback as Gary Kubiak is, I’d lean toward a James Casey -- perhaps miscast as a blocker, but certainly capable as a pass-catcher.

But ...

The Texans have indicated they will stick with two youngsters on the right side of their offensive line, with Brandon Brooks at guard and Derek Newton at tackle.

The Texans' first-round pick in this month's draft seems likely to be a wide receiver who can help the passing attack immediately.

Given the still-unproven right side of the line and a potential boost in the passing game from a new No. 2 receiver, a traditional fullback may make sense for the Texans right now.

So I am curious to see how veteran free-agent addition Greg Jones can help Houston and Foster.

Foster averaged 4.7 yards a carry in his first three seasons and 4.1 yards last year. That’s a significant drop, and if Jones can help boost that number back to its previous level, I’ll be more (situationally) pro-fullback than at any time I can remember.