Video: Gruden's review of Geno Smith

In addition to Jon Gruden's sitdowns with top prospects, primarily quarterbacks, he spoke with ESPN.com's NFC South blogger and Florida resident Pat Yasinskas to flesh out reviews.

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith is largely regarded as the top quarterback in this draft. The Jacksonville Jaguars are certainly quarterback needy.

I suspect they will head another direction with the No. 2 overall pick.

But we should be learning what we can about Smith as a candidate for the Jaguars. Gruden told Yasinskas the holes some are punching in Smith don't stand up to his scrutiny:

"In this class, I definitely think he's a guy you could take at No. 1, or at least in that range if it's your top need. Sure, a lot of people say he's not as good as Andrew Luck or [Robert] Griffin [III]. Well, last time I checked, those guys aren't in this draft. It's supply and demand. In this league, you need a quarterback, and if you're a general manager or a coach you can't just operate with the idea you're content to wait until you're in the perfect position to take a can't-miss prospect. In this class, the closest thing to that is Smith. And if I needed a quarterback, I'd be willing to take him high.

"We know he can throw the ball. I think he certainly can get a little better at his footwork, and it's something I tried to point out in working with him. But we know and like the overall athleticism he has. In the end, I think he's going to be a heck of a player, and that also has to do with experience."