Video: Gruden's review of Matt Barkley

Gruden's QB Camp: Matt Barkley (3:25)

At Jon Gruden's QB Camp, former USC QB Matt Barkley talks about his decision to return to USC for his senior season and his recovery from a shoulder injury. (3:25)

Before or after you watch Jon Gruden talk to USC's Matt Barkley, read this excerpt from an Insider article by Gruden as told to NFC South blogger Pat Yasinskas.

"One NFL QB I'd compare him to is Matt Schaub. In Houston, they run a ton of play-action, and while they don't ask Schaub to utilize the threat of a run, they do ask him to move. Barkley isn't going to help you with read options and the pistol, but he throws well on the run. ..[O]n designed roll-outs the guy has been off the charts at a 69 percent clip and a 16-0 TD-INT ratio. I think what you'll get from him is a measure of consistency, enough arm strength and good timing.

"And one other quiet asset Barkley has is a ton of experience under center -- not a lot of college quarterbacks have that these days. Look at Geno Smith, who, based on the numbers, worked out of the shotgun on about 19 of every 20 snaps. Even if we see more and more shotgun, any coach can tell you that you want a guy who can operate under center. (And a lot of the shotgun use is because coaches lack QBs with more experience under center.)"

The Jaguars' new offense is going to have similarities to Houston's. So if Barkley is somewhat comparable to Schaub, perhaps he'd be a fit for the Jaguars if they decide to draft a quarterback.