Reviewing the film of our chat

Near the end of Thursday's chat, Sam from La Crosse, Wis., asked me a true-or-false question. Was it the best chat we've had in some time?

"True," I said. "But I like them all equally. It's like having multiple children."

Among the topics we covered:

  • Why I feel better about the Jaguars at this point this year than I did last year.

  • The idea that the Texans could address the offensive line in the first round.

  • Thoughts on Titans cornerback Alterraun Verner.

  • The potential for the Colts trading down with the 49ers ahead of the draft.

  • Record speed for a question about how long it will take a brand-new coach to get fired.

  • Why the idea of the Texans declining is overblown.

You need to read and reread the whole deal to get your money's worth.