Fisher reveals little about pending changes

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Jeff Fisher said a week ago there would be at least minor changes to his lineup coming out of the bye as the Titans try to beat Jacksonville Sunday and get their first win.

Monday, the Titans coach didn’t expand much, offering no real hint if we’ll see any Vince Young at quarterback or with a role in any exotic move away from the norm in a special package Fisher also talked about the settling effect two injured veteran cornerbacks -- Cortland Finnegan and Nick Harper -- can have if they return to action.

He did say he thought the offensive line’s play had been adequate, if not better, and that he didn’t foresee any scenario where any sort of platoon popped up on the line.

“I’m not going into details about the lineup changes,” he said. “Those are competitive issues.”

How many might there be?

“There may be one, there may be 22, I don’t know,” he said while saying he still would classify them as minor and indicating the size of some roles for players in rotations could expand or shrink.

What can he and his staff do, really?

I don’t expect a major shakeup. Kenny Britt could, and probably should, move ahead of the drop-prone Justin Gage as a starting receiver. Leroy Harris could replace Eugene Amano at left guard.

But even at 0-6 it’s hard to envision the super-loyal Fisher making the sort of major shake-up move or moves it would take to get some players viewed as up-and-comers who will be important pieces beyond this year into the lineup.

Would he sit David Thornton to get Gerald McRath in? Kyle Vanden Bosch for Jacob Ford? Alge Crumpler for Craig Stevens, if he’s healthy?

I can’t imagine we see one of those, better yet three.

As for talk of Young in situational packages, of course Fisher is going to add to the speculation. It will force Jacksonville to prepare for it.

But the fact is, the Jaguars are probably hoping to see Young on the field. He’s started five games against the Jaguars, finishing four for a 2-2 record with a completion percentage of .530, three touchdowns, eight interceptions, 10 sacks and a passer rating of 50.5.