A peek at Insiders' draft guide for Colts

Insider draft guide files for AFC teams are out today at ESPN.com.

Here is a glimpse and a reaction for the Indianapolis Colts:

Where Chris Sprow says they don't draft well: "Welcome to the year 2013 A.D., something the Indianapolis history books will refer to as Year 1, After Dwight. The longevity and production of Dwight Freeney was something the Colts could count on. But now, Dwight is gone, and the Colts face the reality that they haven't drafted a single player with more than 5.0 career sacks -- 5! since 2003, when they took a flier on an undersized, 235-pound pass rusher out of Alabama A&M named Robert Mathis. While Mathis can still move, this isn't a team built to play with the lead as it was for most of the 2000s."

My reaction: How much did the Colts have to try to find people to produce sacks when Freeney and Mathis were doing their thing? Jerry Hughes hasn't panned out into what Bill Polian expected and Ryan Grigson needs an additional rusher now, for sure.

Read the whole file here.