Monday nuggets from Jaguars brass

We have little to go on for predicting what David Caldwell of the Jacksonville Jaguars is going to do at No. 2 with his first draft pick as the decision-maker. Same for the influence of coach Gus Bradley.

Bradley comes from Seattle, so it’s easy to presume the Jaguars are going to try to look like the Seahawks, who were a playoff team last year.

“Some of the defensive scheme is there," Bradley said in a news conference Monday. “But I just talked to our defensive coaches. I said more importantly what I want to bring from Seattle is this, we took a look at our personnel and we did personnel placement and tried to get them in the best position to play.

“Remember in Tampa we were a Cover 2 team and then we flipped and went to a single safety middle because of the personnel that we had. I think it’s more bring that mindset to Jacksonville and say look at our personnel and see what we do best. … But there’s going to be some subtle changes to what we did maybe in Seattle based on our personnel.”

That’s an important reminder -- if you’re modeling after a team, it makes far more sense to model a way of thinking than trying to model personnel when the latter could marginalize the best players you inherit.

Two other notes from Bradley’s talk:

  • If the Jaguars draft an offensive tackle at the top, Eugene Monroe would remain at left tackle and the new guy would play on the right. In that scenario, what would happen in a year when Monroe nears free agency would be the question mark.

  • If Dion Jordan or Ziggy Ansah is the pick for the Jaguars at No. 2, he would function as a Leos -- the hybrid defensive end/ outside linebacker speed-rusher spot.

And an interesting nugget from Caldwell, when he was asked about Ansah and the potential for drafting a guy with his limited football experience: “Yeah, it’s difficult when a player doesn’t have that history of playing, to pick a guy in the first round. It’s not an ideal situation, just like it’s not an ideal situation to take a guy that could potentially be injured. Those are some of the factors that you’re facing in this year’s draft and you face it in every year’s draft. I know there’s been players in the past that have been one-year starters at that level and have produced very well at this level.”