After more time with Jaguars' new duds

Your best look at the Jacksonville Jaguars new uniforms comes with a series of photos you’ll find here.

I’m still struggling to get a handle on the helmet. Pictures make it look as if it sort of shifts from the black matte to the gold as it reflects light. But I’m told it is indeed two different colors. I really want a picture taken from directly above that could help me see how it blends, as all the shots I’ve looked it show it as black or gold, not black and gold.

I'd like to see one in person before I make a judgment, but here’s my one big nitpick: At the press conference, team brass said the helmet suggests a jaguar coming out of the shadows on the hunt.

But if the back of the helmet is gold, the front of the helmet is black and the jaguar head is forward-facing, then isn’t the jaguar technically going into the shadows, not coming out of them?

Elsewhere, there are some cool elements. I think the teal top-black pants combination is the best and looks quite sharp.

I’m not a fan of the way Nike makes the V of the neck look with stripes, subtle or not, and shoulder stripes of different shades or reflections of the same color don’t work for me.

There is only so much you can revolutionize a uniform without taking it to an AFL or XFL level.

Critics are going to say these are on the other side of that line. I think they qualify as sleek and, more importantly, I recognize that I am hardly the target audience.

Jacksonville is on the front edge of the curve, as influential Nike is going to push every team to move at least a bit in a direction like this.

The Jaguars want these uniforms to appeal to the military they are intended to salute in some stylistic ways -- particularly with the shield patch and where it is placed: over the heart.

The Jaguars also want these to appeal to youth who will want a jersey, and I’m told kids today love black uniforms.

How about a review of someone far more versed in uniforms than I am?

Paul Lucas from Uni Watch writes up the uniforms here. He shares my thinking on the two-toned helmet’s backwardness.

A few of his thoughts: He likes the logo and the pants. He thinks the black home jersey and the white road jersey are good enough. He rates the helmet and the teal jersey as stupid.

As for the font: “Nike has created a custom font for the Jags. It's way too angular, but some of the numeral combinations form a cool interlocking effect. Need to see more number combinations before reaching a verdict, though.”

Now it’s your turn. You can grade the uniforms by clicking here.