All the AFC South's scheduled picks

As we count down the hours to the draft, here is a handy refresher and reference of all the picks in the AFC South.

Houston Texans

First round, 27th overall

Second round, 57th overall

Third round, 89th overall

Third round, 95th overall*

Fourth round, 124th overall

Fifth round, 160th overall

Sixth round, 195th overall

Sixth round, 201st overall*

Seventh round, 233rd overall

Indianapolis Colts

First round, 24th overall

Third round, 86th overall

Fourth round, 121st overall

Sixth round, 192nd overall

Seventh round, 230th overall

Seventh round, 254th overall*

Jacksonville Jaguars

First round, second overall

Second round, 33rd overall

Third round, 64th overall

Fourth round, 98th overall

Fifth round, 135th overall

Sixth round, 169th overall

Seventh round, 208th overall

Tennessee Titans

First round, 10th overall

Second round, 40th overall

Third round, 70th overall

Third round, 97th overall*

Fourth round, 107th overall

Fifth round, 142nd overall

Sixth round, 202nd overall*

Seventh round, 216th overall

Seventh round, 248th overall*

*Compensatory selection, cannot be traded.