Bruce Matthews on Luke Joeckel

Luke Joeckel left Texas A&M a year early to become the Jacksonville Jaguars' first pick in the NFL draft at No. 2 overall.

The Aggies' other star tackle, Jake Matthews, stayed in college to play another year at Texas A&M.

Jake's dad is Bruce Matthews, the Oilers/Titans Hall of Famer who also happens to be Tennessee’s offensive line coach.

After Matthews discussed the Titans' pick of Alabama guard Chance Warmack at No. 10, I had a chance to ask him about Joeckel, who he’s gotten to know.

Here’s Bruce Matthews on Joeckel:

“Him and Eric Fisher are very similar as far as I’m concerned. They’re both big, really elite athletes at the position. I liked Joeckel better, obviously I know the kind of kid he is. He and Jake compete all the time in everything -- working out, running. What I liked about Joeckel more I think was obviously the competition level.

“(Jon Gruden) said he didn’t think he was tough enough, but I liked the way Joeckel finishes.

"He’ll be fine on the right. Eugene Monroe is a very good player. They have two very talented tackles, at least potential wise. Definitely start him on the right, I would think. It was like Jake and Luke at A&M. Luke got there first, so he was the left tackle and Jake came on in summer. He’ll be fine at either one.

“The same qualities that make you a good left tackle will make you a good right tackle. Typically people realize, ‘Hey, we can sacrifice a little bit of athleticism at the right tackle by typically having the tight end to that size we can formation to a better matchup.’

“Obviously there was a lot of buzz saying he would be the first guy. I mean, jeez, I can’t argue with either of those guys, if Luke went first or Fisher.

“Luke’s a good player, hard worker. He’ll do it right.”