Jaguars fans countering Tebow petition, ad

The Bold City Brigade saw the silly petition asking President Obama to tell the Jacksonville Jaguars to sign Tim Tebow. It saw the advertisement by a Florida lawyer making the same play.

The group decided it will see those two inaccurate reflections of fan feelings about Tebow and raise you a movement that more accurately reflect the fan base’s feelings.

Thus evenifhesreleased.com was created.

It’s a smart idea by fans who are too often misrepresented. Here's our news story about the site.

While the Jaguars' fan base may be the smallest in the league, it’s far too easy a punchline to say there isn’t one.

New owner Shad Khan hasn’t been in place for three years yet. He hired a new general manager, David Caldwell, in January. Caldwell hired a new coach, Gus Bradley.

Those three seem to have a smart, patient plan for rebuilding the franchise.

It doesn’t include Tebow, nor should it. They are weak at quarterback, but another weak quarterback would create additional problems, not solve any.

I think it’s great that a fan group emerged looking to counter news stories that don’t accurately reflect the majority opinion about their wishes.

Like Bold City Brigade, I've fought an uphill battle to try to set the record straight. But easily connected dots can often trump the real story.