Blackmon: Problem is with 'poor decision'

Justin Blackmon spoke to the Jacksonville media Monday and addressed the violation of the league's substance-abuse policy that resulted in his four-game suspension.

He said a lot of the right things, just as he’s said after alcohol-related issues in the past.

He was bluntly asked if he has drinking or had a substance abuse problem.

“No, I would say I don’t,” he responded. “Out of this whole thing one of the main things I would say that I had a problem with was just making a poor decision, making a selfish decision at that and not thinking about the long-term of it and just thinking about at the time. If you want to ask if I have a problem? I have a problem with making a poor decision.”

He’ll lean on his support group headed by general manager David Caldwell and Jaguars coach Gus Bradley.

“(They) have been very supportive ever since they’ve been here,” Blackmon said. “I’ve been going in and talking to them almost every day so having them there, having the teammates here that I have here have been very supportive here and it feels good to have people I can lean on and talk to.”

Blackmon was a player on the rise at the end of the 2012 season, but he has really hurt himself with the four-game suspension. If he receives another violation, he’s out a year and his job security will plummet or disappear.

He no-commented when asked if he would be going into any sort of rehab or if it was necessary.

Here’s hoping he’s willingly doing whatever he needs to make sure the decision-making he’s talking of gets better before it’s too late for him.