Chat film: Reviewing the best you brought

A sampling of Thursday's chat:

Kevin (Jacksonville, FL): I've read a lot of opinions from writers saying that [Alan] Ball will start opposite from [Dwayne] Gratz this year. However, every thing I've read about Ball is that he is not very good. Is it that much of a longshot for [Marcus] Trufant to be the starter?

Paul Kuharsky: I'd root for one of the seventh-rounders to shine early. Trufant is on the tail end of a nice career. More a nickel option at this point.

chris (montgomery al): Who do you forecast as the starting offensive line for Indi? and why is everyone saying that they can not end with the same record or better than last year?

Paul Kuharsky: Tougher schedule. Far different expectations. No [Bruce] Arians. Don't have the rallying cry of win for our sick coach. I'd guess line will be, L-R, [Anthony] Castonzo, [Donald] Thomas, [Khaled] Holmes, [Hugh] Thornton, [Gosder] Cherilus. Probably wishful thinking with the two rookies.

frank (milwaukee): what do you think the titans secondary ends up looking like opening day? assuming [Michael] griffin and [Bernard] pollard are starters at saftey whats George Wilson's role?

Paul Kuharsky: Wilson is the third safety. They can play a three-safety nickel package. They can (and should) get Pollard off the field in passing downs and sub Wilson in. They'll find a way to use three. Houston uses three all the time. [Devin] McCourty and [Blidi] Wreh-Wilson outside, [Alterraun] Verner inside.

ted (chicago): did Ben Tate's off year/injuries last season negate his trade value this year before his contract expires? should the texans have traded him when second round draft pick rumors were circulating?

Paul Kuharsky: They were never looking to trade him. If they had traded him, who would be filling in for [Arian] Foster if he's hurt?

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