Texans expecting too much from Ed Reed?

A look at a player from each team who fans, and perhaps the franchise, might be expecting too much from. Emphasis on might.

Houston Texans safety Ed Reed

The nine-time Pro Bowler is coming off a season where he helped the Baltimore Ravens win a Super Bowl. He will bring the Texans a great swagger, and opposing quarterbacks will have to constantly be on alert for the ball-hawking safety. But he’s 34, and it’s simply unreasonable to expect him to play as he did even in 2010 when he pulled in nine interceptions. He’s slower and is recovering from hip surgery. Will the hip be a factor going forward? Will the Texans have to regulate his practice work in an effort to keep him healthy and have him ready on Sundays? If so, how much could missed practice time throw off the defense in preparation weeks? Reed is a gambler, which can be a great thing, but can also put others on the defense in a bad spot. In some ways he’s an upgrade over Glover Quin, who left for Detroit as a free agent. But Quin is significantly younger, perhaps more versatile, and fans could wind up missing him more than they expected they would.