Minicamp not for starters in Houston

Gary Kubiak knows best when it comes to how hard to push the accelerator for the Houston Texans.

But with their minicamp underway, I’m reminded how he treats the three days of work.

While they are the peak of the offseason for most teams, they amount to a rest period for the Texans' front-liners. It seems cushy, but Kubiak offers a reasonable rationale.

“They’ve had 10 good practices under their belt,” Kubiak said, per John Brannen of the Houston Chronicle. “They don’t need three more days of the same reps. These young guys need them. As a coach, it’s my job to get them in a position to make a team.”

There is nothing wrong with that logic. Starters didn’t participate in minicamp the past couple of years and the team has won two consecutive AFC South titles.

But whatever developments we see or hear about are going to mostly relate to guys who will be trying to make the team in camp, not the guys who will make up the team.