Luke Joeckel on help from a tight end

Popular thinking in Jacksonville is that the presence of No. 2 overall pick Luke Joeckel at right tackle will have a direct bearing on tight end Marcedes Lewis.

The team got poor play from Cameron Bradfield and Guy Whimper on the right edge of last year’s offensive line, which meant Lewis, a solid blocker, was held in to help far more often than was ideal.

Joeckel will be a far steadier player. That should free Lewis up to be a target more often for quarterbacks Blaine Gabbert or Chad Henne.

“You like to think you can block these guys by yourself, one-on-one, every play,” Joeckel said. “But you’re going against some of the best athletes in the league and if you’re having trouble, there are protections set up to get help from Marcedes and the other tight ends. It’s something that’s part of the game now because the pass-rushers are so good and so athletic.

“So I accept the help whenever I can get it. Everyone needs help sometimes and it is a big help when they are able to do that for us. But we’ve got to have the mindset that we’ve got to be able to block guys one-on-one to get more guys out for routes.”

At Texas A&M, Joeckel was very close friends with Jake Matthews. Matthews will now flip from right tackle to left tackle for the Aggies and figures to be a high draft pick next year.

Jake Matthews' father, Bruce Matthews, is an Oilers-Titans Hall of Fame offensive lineman who now coaches the Titans' offensive line. (Here are his thoughts on Joeckel after the draft.)

Joeckel got to talk football with Bruce Matthews during A&M spring practice as Joeckel watched his twin brother, Matt, and Matthews watched his son.

“I had a chance to talk to him about what to expect, he knew the schedule and all that stuff, he had a lot of good tips about what I need to be ready for and was a big help that way,” Joeckel said.

I wondered if Bruce Matthews told Joeckel that there will come a time that such advice gets cut off, considering the Jaguars and Titans play in the same division.

“I hope he keeps giving me advice when he can,” Joeckel said. “I’ll probably have to ask Jake to ask his dad now, that’s probably the route I’ll have to use.”