Chat wrap: We were all over the place

Thursday's return to the SportsNation chat room was glorious.

You guys lead me all over the place and we worked at a rapid-fire pace that left me exhausted at the end.

Among the topics we covered:

  • The complexity of the Titans' offense last year.

  • My outfit for the pools at EverBank Field.

  • Why Gene Smith players didn't work out for the Jaguars.

  • The strongest positional groups in the division.

  • Impact rookies.

  • The Colts' nickelback.

  • A guy on his honeymoon visiting with us.

  • The Texans' overall talent versus the Colts' overall talent.

  • Tennessee and Jacksonville running Houston-like offenses.

For all that and more, I urge you to close the office door and click here.