Wilford: Official should be ashamed of call

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Tight end Ernest Wilford got what appeared to be a ridiculous taunting penalty in the second quarter after a 13-yard catch that got the Jaguars to their 26-yard line. He clapped at Cortland Finnegan after the tackle that ended the play and pledged he said nothing that warranted the flag.

After the Jaguars' lost 30-13 to the Titans, Wilford was candid when I asked him about the 15-yard flag.

“I think the referee just I guess was trying to get his two cents in. I mean that was one of the worst calls I ever could imagine to be called. Especially in a game that close. If you can’t play with emotion, you can’t play this game. That’s all I was doing trying to light a spark on my team so we could all continue to play well.

"For him to make that call is just ridiculous. I didn’t say nothing until [Finnegan] said something to me, and from there, he said ‘Keep bringing it’ and I said ‘All right, I’m going to bring it.’ That’s all that was said. It’s just a ridiculous call. The ref needs to check himself. He should feel ashamed about that call.”