Jaworski ranks Schaub over Luck

Matt Schaub vs. Andrew Luck was a very popular topic here at the AFC South blog during the 2012 season and after it.

Certainly Luck has more upside. He’s the better athlete. But he’s only heading into his second season. Schaub has the advantage in experience and at this moment I maintain the more talented roster surrounds him.

A while back, ESPN’s Ron Jaworski, hit on the two quarterbacks back-to-back in his rankings of NFL starting quarterbacks. Jaws placed Luck 10th and Schaub ninth.

The Schaub number surprised many, including me.

But as the Houston Chronicle's John McClain pointed out in a piece I linked to Monday morning in my RTC file, Schaub has taken more than his fair share of the blame for the Texans' late-season fade and second-round playoff loss in New England. He was bad. But if he’s crushed for that, shouldn’t it be offset by him also getting disproportionate credit for the team’s big start and overall success last year?

How Schaub and the Texans adjust to the things that hurt the offense last year will be a big story in Houston this year.

How Luck functions behind an upgraded offensive line but minus Bruce Arians, who pushed the ball very effectively as the team’s offensive coordinator last year, will be a big story in Indianapolis this year.

Here is Jaworski on Luck from "SportsCenter":

“Luck has all the attributes I look for. Start with arm strength. He’s an easy downfield thrower. I love his pocket movement -– at times so smooth you forget he’s six-foot-four and 235 pounds. Luck is as tough as any quarterback in the NFL. His strength is remarkable. His ability to shed defenders, keep plays alive and deliver the football is extraordinary. You have to be able to throw with bodies around you -– out of a muddied pocket -– from different platforms and arm angles. Luck is outstanding at it. Along with that, he has great vision. He sees the field with clarity…

“I would not be surprised if Luck moved further up my big board after his second season. He possesses all the traits necessary to be a very special NFL quarterback.”

Here is Jaworski on Luck from "SportsCenter":

“The ninth quarterback in my rankings is Matt Schaub. Some may disagree, but as I’ve said before, my normal inclination is to look at a large body of work over a long period of time. And it’s difficult to argue with Schaub’s success in Houston.

“The combination of Schaub and head coach Gary Kubiak has always been a strong one. Kubiak believes in the running game as the offensive foundation, with the passing game most effective off play-action. Schaub is at his best with that approach -- always has been -- and has produced consistent success over a long period of time.

“It was again the case in 2012. Schaub’s 110 quarterback rating off play-action was among the league’s best. There may be no better play-action team in the NFL than the Texans.

“I like Schaub, maybe more than others. Did he struggle at times down the stretch? He did. But overall, he’s a very solid quarterback who’s shown the consistent ability to execute a well-structured and efficient offense. That puts him in my top 10.”