On Matt Schaub's worst six weeks

In Dale Robertson’s piece on Matt Schaub at the start of training camp, two sections of two quotes struck me, and I am compelled to examine them.

Schaub on 2012: “We didn’t accomplish our goals -- me in particular. If we play a little better in those (big) moments, we’ll be fine.”

Me on that: A little better? The losses to New England were not narrow. They were monumental. If the Texans scored 10 more points in each of those games they still would have lost in blowouts. A lot of it was the defense’s inability to handle the Patriots' hurry up offense. But a little better would not have made things fine. Ten more points wouldn't have produced a win against Minnesota or at Indianapolis, either.

Myers on Schaub: “When the team doesn’t do well, everybody blames the quarterback. But the numbers Matt puts up every season are up there with the best.”

Yes, Schaub's overall numbers were better than fine. In overall passer rating, Schaub finished the season ninth overall, at a more than respectable 90.7. Including two playoff games, he threw 24 touchdowns and 14 interceptions. He's taken too much blame for the team's late-season fade, I agree.

But his bad stretch was too far off his standard.

In Games 1-12, Schaub posted a passer rating of 94.5 and a QBR of 65.8.

In games 13-18, Schaub posted a passer rating of 84.1 and a QBR of 55.6.

Only Seattle rookie Russell Wilson posted a worse combo of passer rating and QBR over a six-week span than Schaub. Wilson’s came in the second through seventh games of his career. Schaub’s came in the 115th through 120th games of his career.

There were a lot of elements of the Texans that stopped producing in those final four regular-season and two postseason games.

Schaub is only one piece. A big piece, but a piece reliant on a lot of other things, too. Still, that’s a substantial dropoff.

If the Texans are to finally break through to the AFC Championship Game, it can't happen again. Certainly not at the end of the season.