Texans talk: Audibles, injuries and turf

Some highlights/developments out out of the first day of practice and early articles about the Houston Texans:

Sam Montgomery didn't score points when he showed up for early rookie work out of shape. Then he limped out of his first practice with a right ankle injury, though he returned in the afternoon, per John McClain of the Houston Chronicle.

To which I say: When your head coach says of you, "Sam’s just got to stay in one piece, figure out what we’re doing" that's not great early news.

Ed Reed won't be talking to the media while he's on the PUP list, writes McClain.

To which I say: Practicing or not, it would be nice if he graced us with his perspective. But I do understand the desire to avoid constant questions about his hip.

Quarterback Matt Schaub and center Chris Myers say the offense audibles more than people think, it's just not obvious, writes Stephanie Stradley.

To which I say: Schaub says it's about 30 percent of the time. I guess the question isn't so much, why don't they let Schaub audible as it is, why don't they audible into more aggressive stuff when a field goal is already a given and a checkdown is often useless?

Inside linebacker Tim Dobbins drew some public ire for staying away from OTAs, but worked with the starters on Day One, says Dale Robertson.

To which I say: I'm not especially surprised. He's a good run-down player provided he's healthy. If he and Daryl Sharpton (who's on the PUP list) can combine for a healthy season between them, it'd be a win.

The Texans practice bubble has new, softer turf.

To which I say: Andre Johnson says it's softer. Softer should be a key for a guy like him.