Bulluck on Billick, Titans' hatred for Ravens

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- On many a fall workday, Keith Bulluck has held court in his locker, offering excellent quotes and quips.

Today's ranked as classic interview session. The Titans are preparing for a game in Baltimore Sunday. Bulluck talked about the Titans' feelings about the Ravens, clarified where a team reminder came from and admitted he'll miss the pregame buildup between Jeff Fisher and Brian Billick

"I think I miss the Billick and Fisher rivalry," he said, "just because they usually take good shots at each other during the week, so that was always fun, you know what I mean? To me, I feel like it's the same team. It all starts with defense up there, they have the same guys pretty much since 2000, when we used to go back and forth with them."

Fisher and Billick, who won a Super Bowl in that 2000 season but lost his job after last year, didn't particularly like each other.

And the Titans and Ravens were bitter rivals in the old AFC Central. When the Titans had the best record in football in 2000, following their Super Bowl season, it was the Baltimore that ruined it, coming to Nashville for a divisional-round playoff game and winning convincingly on its way to the title.

"The teams are different," Fisher said. "Brian always had them going for one reason or another whether they were legitimate or not. He seemed to always have them ready to play and his teams were not bashful, they'd speak their mind. This team is more about just getting the job done on Sundays than talking about it."

Only two players have been with the Titans since then, Bulluck and punter Craig Hentrich. Jevon Kearse was on that team and has returned.

After the Titans beat Minnesota, Kearse and Justin Gage said that Fisher's postgame talk included a reminder about their next opponent: "We hate these guys."

Fisher said Monday and again today that he did not frame it so harshly.

Bulluck was asked if Fisher used the word hate.

"No, he didn't," Bulluck said. "He didn't say anything like that, someone else said something."

"Remember who?," Tom Weir of USA Today asked.

"It was me," he said to huge laughs, which he joined. "You had to be there to hear what I said."

Was the H-word in there, I asked?

"There was an F-word in there," he said.