Wayne tops himself, arrives by helicopter

Indianapolis Colts fans have come to expect a big entrance from receiver Reggie Wayne at the start of training camp every year.

This year, he arrived at Anderson University by helicopter.

"I sat back and thought, 'We've got a pretty good team, I really think our team this year is better than last year,'" he explained in this video from Colts.com. "If we don't hurt ourselves, sky's the limit for us. So I really sat back and thought, 'Sky's the limit, sky's the limit. Why not come in through the sky?'"

Indiana University's Lifeline chopper made it possible and brought Wayne in. He ranked it his No. 1 and said he didn't know if he could outdo it in the future.

Wayne said last year's surprise playoff team set the bar high, but noted there still isn't much buzz about the Colts and that they will have to prove people wrong again.

I agree with Wayne that this is a better team. I'm just not sure it'll produce a better record.

The Colts are the final AFC South team to kick off camp practice. They are on the field twice on Sunday.