Soliciting your help for 'Further review'

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

Jaguars-Titans and Colts-49ers are on my DVR. I’ll have a copy of Texans-Bills Tuesday afternoon.

For our weekly “Further review” entry, I’m searching for a hidden play that changed the tone, set the course or made a big difference in one of those games.

Just one play. The more context you can give me about what happened and when, the better. This isn’t the spot to look for trends or multiple snaps that serve as an example of something. And we’re not interested in reviewing anything we saw multiple times on the highlight shows. Obvious candidates need not apply.

Hit us here in the comments or send a note to the mailbag, and if you offer the suggestion I use, I’ll mention you in the entry as I break down how it unfolded.

Thanks in advance for your quality feedback.