Brian Cushing's chiropractor's sympathies

Brian Cushing's chiropractor feels bad for the first couple dozen guys he hits.

Thus reports Jenny Vrentas of MMQB in a piece about Cushing’s readiness to return to the football field after rehabilitating the torn ACL that cuts his 2012 season way short.

There is some great detail about Cushing’s training back home in New Jersey this offseason.

In a gym with no air conditioning, he did some unconventional work, like bench-pressing a bar draped with additional weight in the form of chains. It becomes more difficult as the bar is raised as the chains come off the floor.

A healthy Cushing in obviously a giant ingredient for the Texans.

With him, and a healthy defense around him, the unit has the potential to be an excellent one. J.J. Watt, Cushing and Ed Reed, if he has enough left, will give Houston real strength up the middle.

He’s heading into the final year of his deal. We’ve head no reports of contract extension conversations, but we know the Texans intend to sign him long term.

Last year they negotiated with Duane Brown, Matt Schaub and Connor Barwin right up to opening day, signing two of the three.

So there is a solid possibility he gets a new contract before the Texans open in San Diego on Sept. 10.