Texans' Reed offers his own update

Andre Johnson said at the start of Houston Texans' training camp that Ed Reed told the receiver he’d be ready for the start of the season.

Reed spoke to the Houston media Tuesday and was asked about Johnson's comment.

“Hey, if Andre said it, I guess I got to do it,” said Reed, who had offseason hip surgery. "This is his team, so like I said, if he said it then it’s true, right? No, but I’m working out to get back as soon as possible cause being on PUP you can’t be out there with your teammates moving around, communicating. It’s a little tougher, just talking in the meeting rooms and learning it just from a book standpoint and not physically doing it. It’s always tougher, but I’m doing as much as I can to learn it mentally and watch the guys move around and communicate in meeting rooms. It’s coming along well and, like I said, if Dre said it then it shall be.”

While Reed said he’s feeling really good, he said he probably wouldn't play today if he had a game -- unless it was the Super Bowl.

He did offer more specifics of what he’s still recovering from.

“Well first of all, I’ve got to get this scar tissue down and get this tightness and soreness, that I feel consistently, out of there,” he said. “Once I get that out, I can kind of push it more. I’m not to the point where I can run 100 percent and certain things I would do, volume of work I would do at the end of it, I feel my hip. I can do the running, I’m doing the running, I’m doing the sled pulls, I’m back pedaling, I’m breaking, I’m opening the hip up to stuff like that, but at some point it kind of grabs, so I just got to get that scar tissue out and that edema out and everything.

"Once that kind of subsides, I can have a better timeline for you. I know I’m close, I can tell you that, and that it is close. I can’t say that it is the first game because I don’t know, but Dre is speaking it.”