Mailbag: On Gabbert vs. Henne

Rick in Jacksonville writes: How is Blaine Gabbert outplaying Chad Henne when he can't even hold onto the ball and is running into his own lineman? You are a real homer for Gabbert buddy. Just shows how little you understand football. Anyone with any knowledge of the game knows Henne is better than Gabbert. Oh but you know more than Jaws and Marino, I guess.

Paul Kuharsky: Yes, Rick, Gabbert has awful stretches where he can't do a thing right. He's not good.

Periodically, however, he takes command and makes a couple good plays.

You know who never seems to take command? Henne.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think you've emailed me before on this topic. If I'm guilty of loving Gabbert (which is ridiculous, I merely like him better when choosing between two quarterbacks who are not good enough) you are guilty of the same for Henne.

And you love to point to people like Ron Jaworski and Dan Marino. You know where Jaws, a superior analyst, and Marino, A Hall of Famer, haven't been? To Jacksonville, to see those two guys practice.

If Henne is so much better, why is he running, at best, as a co-No. 1? If he's so much better, why are they allowing Gabbert to compete? If he's so much better, how come Gabbert's passer rating last year was actually five points better than Henne's?

I'll make you a bet that Gabbert wins the job and starts opening day. The fact is, there isn't much of a competition going on. At least not yet.