Reinfeldt and Fisher on WR trade possibilities

Posted by ESPN.com's Paul Kuharsky
Maybe Detroit will try to move Roy Williams, maybe it won't.

Titans fans have flooded the mailbag with questions about whether Tennessee could get him, and my case for why they won't -- the price will be too steep, things are going very well and they don't want to shake them up, they aren't as convinced they need him as you are -- hasn't quashed all the desirous speculation.

So I searched out general manager Mike Reinfeldt and coach Jeff Fisher on the possibility of trading for a receiver. Here is my dialogue with each of them.


PK: Perception is that one or two receivers in the final year of their deals with bad teams are being shopped. Would you consider a blockbuster to get one?

MR: The trade deadline is after the sixth game. I think you always have to look at different scenarios, at least consider different scenarios. At this point in time, there is nothing that we're contemplating.

PK: Say you made a major move. How hard would it be to weave a new guy in considering the team success right now?

MR: Yeah, it's a complicated ordeal. You're bringing somebody in, shoot, six games into the season. You've also missed the whole preseason, so you've actually missed almost half the season. Plus there are the salary constraints, you've got to be able to absorb his salary. It's a complicated issue.

PK: Plus a big-time player would cost you a big-time pick. Fair to say you're not anxious to give up a No. 1 pick?

MR: First-rounders are important. Obviously with Chris [Johnson] and Michael [Griffin] you can see that we've got guys that can impact you for a long time. So when you do it [deal a first-round pick], you better do it carefully.

PK: So you wouldn't easily give one up?

MR: [Laughing] We wouldn't easily give it away, yes.


PK: Lots of people are thinking you're on the verge of a blockbuster trade for a receiver that will throw you over the top. Anything to it?

JF: No. We've had no trade discussions with anybody as far as I know.

PK: If you brought one in, how hard would it be to get instant production?

JF: First off, someone's got to be willing to deal a good player. I mean you're not going to give up a pick at this point in the season for somebody that you don't think is going to have a significant impact. If there is a player out there, if you've got a seller-and-a-buyer situation that works for each other, then I could see it happening. But it's rare nowadays that teams would give up players.

PK: So you don't anticipate being a buyer?

JF: We're no different than anybody else. Everybody is interested in good players. Finding the seller is the hard part.

PK: I don't imagine you're real interested in giving up a first, either?

JF: Yeah, that's a little extreme.