Good things happen when Luck has ball

My former colleague at the Indianapolis Star Bob Kravitz writes that he's not worried about the Colts having a running game. He’s fine with putting the ball in Andrew Luck’s hands and watching him work his magic.

My take: I agree with Kravitz on this one. Do you want Luck throwing the ball 55 times and getting knocked around countless times a game? No. But he has enough options at receiver and tight end (if Coby Fleener can hold onto the ball and once Dwayne Allen comes back). Just run the ball when necessary.

Mike Chappell, also at the Indianapolis Star, writes that Colts owner Jim Irsay changed his tune on Twitter after Sunday's victory after he blasted the team for its “crap performance” against Buffalo on Aug. 11.

My take: I liked Irsay’s comments last week. Yeah, yeah, the Colts didn’t play well during the preseason and still made the playoffs in the past. Guess what? Peyton Manning is no longer around covering up the team’s flaws with his out-of-this-world-playing ability. Luck could be just as good -- or even better -- than Manning one day. But today's Colts don’t have much room for error. Winning a preseason game isn’t important. It’s how the team performs. The Colts didn’t play well against the Bills. They played a lot better against the Giants.

Chappell also talks about rookie Bjoern Werner’s first game.