Colts' Harnish connects with wrong target

Indianapolis Colts third-string quarterback Chandler Harnish has only completed 42 percent of his pass attempts during the preseason. Unfortunately for Harnish -- and Fox sideline reporter Pam Oliver -- he was right on target with her face when he didn’t want to be.

Harnish was warming up before Sunday’s game against the New York Giants when he overthrew his receiver along the sideline and nailed Oliver in the face with a tight spiral.

Harnish later went to Twitter and apologized for hitting the longtime Fox sideline reporter.

“Would like to take this time to apologize to Pam Oliver, for the bad pass to the face..Be expecting flowers in the mail soon! #ToughLady”

Harnish wasn’t that accurate against the Giants, going 2-of-5 for 12 yards.