Column preview: Pollard loves Texans' vibe

Posted by ESPN.com’s Paul Kuharsky

Pollard The Texans’ defensive surge has coincided with the insertion of Bernard Pollard as the team’s starting strong safety. Coincidence? I think not.

Thursday we’ll explore how he’s fit in and why things are going well for Pollard and the Texans.

In our phone chat Wednesday afternoon, I asked him about what kind of perception he had about the Texans before he arrived and how they’ve changed.

That led him to talk about the strain of losing during this last two years Kansas City, where he was a starter in 2007 and 2008 and the team went 6-26.

“It’s fun to go out and be on a team that’s 5-3. …It’s fun for me. I enjoy walking in every morning and seeing guys enjoy being here to play football, enjoy strapping their helmet up to go out and run around the field and learn the plays and to prepare to beat another team,. Even when things were being questioned, people were still showing up happy go lucky, and that’s just so fun to be around…”

“I love my old teammates to death, I really do. But with any team -- it’s not to say that the effort wasn’t there -- but when you’re 0-6, 0-8, 1-9, 1-12 you know you’re going to line up and play football just because you have pride and you’ve signed a contract to play football. But when you come in every day it wears at you. That’s with everybody. If things aren’t going right with you at your job, everything is not going to be peaches and cream every day.”