Gregg Williams on state of the Titans' D

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Titans defenders have had some issues getting off of blocks in their first two preseason games.

“Some of those guys that are staying blocked are the ones who have trouble making teams, you know?" Gregg Williams said. “The guys that get off blocks are the ones making teams."

The Titans' senior assistant/defense spoke to the media Wednesday for the first time since the Titans opened training camp July 25.

Here's the news story that covers much of what he said.

Williams said he hasn't talked because he doesn’t want things to be about him; he wants it to be about the players. But in staying silent, he’s set himself apart from the rest of the coaches on Mike Munchak’s staff, all of whom have spoken.

Part of the defensive struggles in the preseason have been adjusting to the pace in games the team hasn't planned for. Part of it has been working against new stuff it hasn't seen from its own offense, Williams said.

One other topic: the two things that qualify as his primary irritants with players.

"There is no excuse for a loaf in this league, there is no excuse for someone not appearing tough in our league," he said. "That's what this game is about. Players don't want to play with somebody next to them that don't get that and coaches don't want to coach them.

"Those are really the only things that bother me: When a guy is not 100 percent all the time when he has a chance to play this game and a lack of toughness."