RTC: Owen Daniels sees the big picture

Reading the coverage of the Houston Texans ...

Tight end Owen Daniels is an incredibly underrated part of the Texans offense. Austin Murphy from Sports Illustrated wrote about Daniels on SI.com yesterday. Fun fact from the story: Daniels is the Texans' emergency quarterback. My favorite sentence: "He is 30 and at a sweet spot in his career: rich in wisdom and experience; still young and healthy enough to run all day."

When asked about his shoot for GQ, running back Arian Foster said, "It's about time." Then he talked about his fear of dogs, stemming from being bitten in the face by one as a child. What kind of dog? "One with teeth." Surely a bite from a chihuahua is different from the bite of a pit bull? "It was big. It was big." Here is a photo from the shoot that elicited that scintillating discussion. And with it GQ's 10 reasons Foster is their favorite every-down back. Reason five is because "he named his second child Khyro." If that's pronounced the same as the Egyptian city Cairo, it could be a nod to a country to which Foster once told me he has an inexplicable connection. It's part of why he believes in past lives.

GQ also wrote about J.J. Watt for its football issue. Josh Levin noted that while the defensive end loves doubters, he doesn't have many anymore.

DeAndre Hopkins won't play Sunday against the Saints. He is still in phase one of the concussion program after suffering one during Saturday's game against the Miami Dolphins. The Houston Chronicle's Dale Robertson has that and more in his notebook.

This video, from James Palmer of CSN Houston, is a few days old, but it's an interesting look at the freedom Watt has within Wade Phillips' defense and why. It also notes that the way Watt attacks opponents isn't scripted -- rather, it depends on what that opponent has given him all game.