Reed has financial incentives to play sooner

HOUSTON -- Ed Reed is in his final stages of his outside Houston recovery process. As he works toward that, he has some financial incentives to return sooner.

Our Adam Schefter reports Reed has $1 million in incentives that depend on being active during games. Specifically, Reed loses $62,500 for each game he is not active this season.

Reed doesn't strike me as a guy for whom money is a hugely important factor, especially given how much he's made in his career. His last contract with the Ravens was a six-year extension worth $44 million. My feeling is Reed will return when he's healthy, not sooner.

The more important implication is that the Texans didn't go into this on blind faith.

Reed is still working through his rehab and coach Gary Kubiak expects him back in Houston soon. He's making a visit to Dr. Marc Philippon, the surgeon in Vail, Colo., who scoped his hip, this week, then will return to Houston.