Warmack: Stewart's a closet Bama fan

NASHVILLE, Tenn. -- Pieces of the offensive line are jelling right on the schedule the Tennessee Titans hoped for.

Coach Mike Munchak likes the way relationships have formed between left tackle Michael Roos and left guard Andy Levitre and between right tackle David Stewart and right guard Chance Warmack.

Those guards and the center aren’t at the same place, because they haven’t been working with the same center during a battle between incumbent Fernando Velasco and Rob Turner. Turner is leading, but it’s still not settled.

I talked this week with Levitre and Warmack about those relationships. Levitre said Roos is a great guy, easy to talk to and super-helpful with details of the system. Warmack spoke in much the same terms about Stewart, who’s lovingly known as “Big Country” in the Titans' locker room.

Then Warmack, who played at Alabama, revealed a shocking detail about Stewart.

“He played at Mississippi State, so I mess with him sometime,” Warmack said. “I sing the Alabama song. We had a time when I sang the Alabama song, he got mad at me because he started singing it in the next period. It just got stuck in his head. He got mad at me for that.”

Stewart is the quietest guy on the team, but I managed to get him on camera with his reply to the accusation.

And here is where I send you to my Instagram account -- @pkuharsky -- to see Stewart’s response.